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We are the premier catering and event management service in Kerala. Our team of expert chefs and event planners is dedicated to making your occasion a feast for the senses. From elegant decor to delectable dishes, we bring your vision to life. Join us in celebrating food, family, and fun! Contact us today and let the feasting begin!

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Event Catering Services

Savour Athira Catering's event services with delectable vegetarian and non-vegetarian offerings. Discover our diverse catering options by clicking 'Read More' and elevating your event to a new level of taste and satisfaction. 

Event Planning & Execution

Unleash the magic of event planning with Athira Catering. From concept to reality, we create unforgettable moments. Click 'Read More' to explore our expertise in designing and executing extraordinary events.

Entertainment Shows

Unleash the entertainment extravaganza with Athira Catering. From live performances to tailored acts, we bring the magic to your event. Click 'Read More' to explore our diverse entertainment offerings and make your occasion truly memorable.

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Mouth-Watering Menus

Vegetarian Sadhya

Indulge in the traditional flavours of our Vegetarian Sadhya. Experience the richness of Kerala’s culinary heritage. Click ‘See More’ for a detailed menu and savour the authentic taste of Athira Catering’s Vegetarian Sadhya.

Vegetarian Buffet

Delight in the diverse flavours of our Vegetarian Buffet. Explore a tantalizing array of dishes that cater to every palate. Click ‘See More’ for a detailed menu and experience the delectable offerings of Athira Catering’s Vegetarian Buffet.

Non-Vegetarian Buffet

Savour the indulgence of our Non-Vegetarian Buffet. Immerse yourself in a feast of delectable meat and seafood dishes. Click ‘See More’ for a detailed menu and experience the culinary excellence of Athira’s Non-Vegetarian Buffet.

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Delicious food that surpasses expectations! Athira Catering has truly impressed me with their exceptional flavours. Highly recommended! 

Prem Kumar

Film Star
Indulging in the outstanding flavours that leave me speechless! Athira Catering's food is simply incredible—a true culinary masterpiece!

G S Pradeep

Every time I choose Athira Catering, I am amazed by their impeccable service and mouthwatering dishes. A trusted choice for all my special occasions!

Abhilash P K

Repeat Customer

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